Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 10

OpenVentPk team has ordered 100% of the parts now finally and inshallah they would be available in 10 days from china. So now we are focused on the assembling, calibration and documentation part.

The following things are under progress.

1. Our team lead Hamza Azeem along with others have spent the last 3 days on properly calibrating the stepper motors as per the maximum requirements of 30 Breaths per minute for 1:3 ration and tidal volume of 800ml. For all the 4 mechanisms, we are now working out how they would be properly calibrated. These assembling and calibrations will take atleast a week.

2. The 3-D team lead by Tayyab have been working on solving the housing of sensors, the small connectors, the issues of small parts to close the small loopholes in the availability of parts.

3. We have formally started the documentation required by PEC and DRAP for the approvals and testings. Our team is working on the user manual, its specifications and a clinical testing document.

4. Dr. Ali Shoaib is leading the clinical trials work with us along with Dr. Mehreen & Dr. Akber. Once the calibration is done, these doctors will take up the task of assessing it inshallah.

5. We are developing an on boarding process for the manufacturers who will be able to manufacture this at large scale. Muhammad Osama is helping us develop an SOP for that. Once our design is approved from the clinical phase, we will need to jump on to massive manufacturing.

Those who are involved with projects can understand how critical things get when you are involved in sensitive projects. the things we thought would not matter at all can take your days when you actually do implement them. We are racing against time and resources but we are committed to take this through inshallah and become the first really open source ventilator project for the country.

Keep us in your prayers.