Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 11

Results are encouraging

OpenVentPk team is moving into the calibrations and assembly phase alhamdulilah.

1. Our Hardware team is working for the development of Reservoir for FiO2 control and calibrating the oxygen sensors and assembling of hardware parts.

2. Our embedded team decided that we have done the rapid prototyping on Ardino Mega but now for a robust system we are moving towards STM32F3 controller.

3. The graphs are being calibrated for the UI and a parrallel UI is being developed on Android to be displayed on Tablet. The data pipeline from tablet to server for post processing is also in process.

4. Technical documentation in progress along with discussions from hospitals and regulatory bodies.Populating our details on website, github and making animations for the whole structure.

Those who are involved with projects can understand how critical things get when you are involved in sensitive projects. the things we thought would not matter at all can take your days when you actually do implement them. We are racing against time and resources but we are committed to take this through inshallah and become the first successful open source project for the country.

Keep us in your prayers.

Here is a current document of our progress.…/1nylppH_xegDzcRgCWa85zKyZY…/view…

If you would like to contribute. Add your details here…/1PfxblJfeVo9WGIUSiz_yQkhYF2…/edit…