Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 12

OpenVentPk team had made an ambitious plan to achieve the deadlines till 1st May 2020. We have come a long way and very close but there are some things which are still left. The next deadline is also very ambitious but thats what will help keep us moving faster towards the objective.

The status is as follows:

1. The FiO2 control chamber has been fabricated and now in testing and calibration phase.

2. The Controls team is tuning the PI controller so that we are able to manage variable situation of Lung compliance and resistance in patients.

3. Major technical documentation like clinical trials document is ready along with the process and instrumentation diagram. You can find it here.

Just to give you a small insight that Pakistanis from all over the world are contributing to this project. Some are in Saudia, Some are in europe, some in Canada, Other in different parts of the city like working from Islamabad, lahore and karachi. And then there is a core team at Karachi where this is being developed. Its a unique project and inshallah we intend to go ahead and achieve it.

A side note: Of all the ventilators that have claimed to being “Developed”, none of them have been able to get approvals from PEC and DRAP. All are in process. We pray that they get there before us and eventually make a mark in the technology space in the country.

Keep us in your prayers.

The DRAFT of the technical documentation can be found at…/1buwUF4q8R6cQ9OlIPNuKqXLT7uH9yuF…

If you would like to contribute. Add your details here…/1PfxblJfeVo9WGIUSiz_yQkhYF2…/edit…

We are also organizing ourselves on Github