Design Philosophy

We have defined our overall design philosophy according to the emergency situation ahead. The following are our key components.

  • Open Source – for use worldwide and contributions from others worldwide.

  • Adult ventilator – older adults are at higher risk.

  • Assist and Mandatory mode of ventilation.

  • A bare bones, safe design.

  • The design(s) will be validated; validation will be documented and transparent.

  • The design(s) will be modular allowing different modules to be mixed and matched depending on local availability

  • Unboxed Design– all parts directly accessible

  • Design will be inexpensive to build (parts for base model less than $3000 US).

  • Assembled quickly with readily accessible parts

  • Dissemination via Internet (Google docs, Github, website)


The following relevant documents for the OpenVentPk ventilator are available in the google drive

OpenVentPK Github

OpenVentPK has been organized on GitHub and all the documentation, the latest codes of embedded system, the schematics, the 3D files of all schematics are available there.

Design Details- Latest details are in “Main documents” & “Github”.

The following Specifications have been vetted against the requirements put forward in the second edition (11/04/2020) of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) document titled Fast Track Acceptance Test Procedure for Locally Manufactured Mechanical Ventilators for ICU

Measured Parameters:

Modes of Ventilation:
Controlled Modes PCV, VCV
Assist Modes PCV, VCV
Set Parameters:
PEEP (5cm H20 upto 20 cm of H20),
Fi02 (0.21-1),
Tidal Volume (200-600 ml)
I: E Ratio (1:1 to 1:3),
Triggering (Flow triggering-O.S to 5 liters per minute),
Respiratory rate (8-35 per minute),
pressure control (0-40 cm H20),
Measured Parameters:
Exhaled Tidal Volume
Respiratory rate
Plateau Pressure
Peak airway pressure
Battery alarm
Circuit Integrity alarm
High and Low Breath Rate alarm
Peak Inspiratory Pressure alarm
Fi02 alarm
Oxygen failure alarm
tidal volume alarm
Minute volume alarm
Disconnection alarm
Invasive & Non-invasive Ventilation (Adult)
S.No Items Specs Qty
1 Arduino Mega2560 1
2 Stepper Motor NEMA 23 2
3 Stepper Motor Driver A4988 1
5 LCD 20×4 I2C insterface 20×4 LCD with I2C or without I2C 1
6 Buzzer (Alaram) 5v Active Buzzer Magnetic Long Continous Beep Ton 1
7 Switch toggle 2way (3 pin) 3
8 Limit switch 3 wire button with lever 1
9 Keypad 3×4 Keypad 1
10 Push buttons Micro switch 2
11 Adaptor or Charger 12 Volt , 4.5A 1
12 Vero-Board (Square) 24.5cm x 10cm 2
13 Single wire header (male/female) 20cm M2M and M2F 2+2
14 Soldering Wire 30/70 tin / lead alloy solder 1
15 Cpacitors 0.1uf, 4.7uf, 47uf ,220uf 50+10+10+10
16 Resistors Sheet 3
17 Transistor 2n2222a , BD139 5+5
18 Barrek Jack rated 5Amp 1
19 Ferrit bead 22uH/3A 1
20 Fuse with holder 5Amp 1
21 Leds Red , Green, Yellow 5+5+5
22 Soft wires roll (Red , yellow,Black) 1+1+1
23 Shrink Sleeve 2mm 1 mtr
Soldering past
24 Crimp Connector 16 Pin , with lock 1
Regulator IC 7805 , 7812 2+2
25 Heat sinks for 7805,7812,BD139 3
26 Sensors 1. Kavlico P1J (Digital I2C)

2. Flow Sensor SFM3200

3. EnviteC O2 Sensor OOM102

27 Peep valve with diverters 1
28 Test lung with circuit 1
29 Ambu bag 1

Join The Team

If you are an enthusiastic engineer, doctor or an industrialist, or a person who think can contribute or use this initiative to built ventilators.. for Pakistan or for any other country in the world.. we are ready to help in this time of crises.