Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 15

We had our second trial with the regulatory bodies (PEC) at Dow University Hospital Ojha Campus today i.e. on 3rd June, 2020. Alhamdulilah.. We have been CLEARED for 12 hours endurance testing at PEC regional office for tomorrow. i.e. 4th june, 2020.

The regulatory bodies have strictly instructed us not to discuss the details until the reports are finalized and official. However, the good news is that we have been CLEARED for endurance testing. Once we clear the endurance testing, we would go for clinical and human trials inshallah.

We are working on a more compact design as well and are short on Funds. We have exhausted around 10 lac rupees over the R&D of the first design. This money had come from donations of different people. If would be great if you can support the initiative with funds as well. Dr. Bilal Siddiqui is the focal person for this.

We have been in discussions with international open source initiatives and inshallah would be sharing our inputs and learning from them as well. If you know of any international partners, we would be glad to connect.

These are many many Volunteers who have contributed in different ways to this project, We have our own website and social media pages which mention our complete team. You can check out at

Your prayers and support always requested especially for TOMORROW endurance testing at PEC regional office.