Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 16

The Openventpk team was fortunate to be able to perform calibration and testing of the Openventpk emergency ventilator at a private Hospital. We are thankful to them for assisting us in conducting calibration and testing of our emergency ventilator with their gas flow analyzers and lung simulators.

This was our 5th trial and calibration activity.

The 1st trial was done at Dow University of Health Sciences Official on 18th May.
The 2nd trial was done at Dow University of Health Sciences Official on 3rd June.
The 3rd trial was done at Pakistan Engineering Council Karachi on 4th June.
The 4th trial was done at The Disrupt Labs (The lab where this ventilator is being built) on 5th June.
The 5th visit (Calibration and testing support) was given by a private hospital

We are in talks with a few manufacturers for mass scale production ONCE we get approval from PEC and DRAP. If you are an investor and interested for mass scale production of low cost emergency ventilators, please connect. Share it with friends who are interested. We highly prefer a NO PROFIT NO LOSS setting as this emergency ventilator but we are open for other proposals as well just to make sure that the efforts of our volunteers and donors can be actually materialized and this ventilator can be used.

We will be doing a very basic level of ANIMAL testing tomorrow at our Lab at around 6pm. The Doctors of our team Dr. Akber from a private hospital and Doctor Ali Shoaib from Liaqat national hospital will be conducting a trial on a GOAT LUNG to check the pressure variations of our ventilator.

We are opening up international collaboration with open source initiatives worldwide as well. If you know of any such initiative. please connect and our team would get back to you.

These are many many Volunteers who have contributed in different ways to this project, We have our own website and social media pages which mention our complete team. You can check out at

We are still not there yet but we hope to achieve a bare minimum functionality in a low cost setting for mass production inshallah. Your prayers and support needed.