Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 3

As per our commitment, alhamdulilah the team is working to make an OPEN SOURCE VENTILATOR design which would not only be for Pakistan but for everyone in the world.

We are working on the projects being initiated by other teams like openLung project, oxyGEN project and similar attempts.

Interestingly, all these open source designs have not shared their FULL designs including specifications of components or schematic designs or control architectures.

This is where the Our engineers and doctors are putting in the real effort. So here is the Update:

1. The User specifications are finalized based on input from several doctors from AKU, Liaqat National, Indus etc.

2. The Structure has been finalized based on the designs of openLUNG project and oxygen Project.

3. The component list has been finalized based on the user specifications.

The following is under process:

1. We need to source the COMPONENTS. If someone can buy these components and ship it to different teams in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, that would be great. WE DO NOT NEED FUNDS, WE NEED COMPONENTS.

2. We are in stage of writing a pseudo code and developing a control and instrumentation architecture along with schematics and circuit diagrams. We have enough people doing that. If you think YOU are really good, please give your introduction in the document and we will contact you.

3. We have enough 3-D printing guys and Accrelic sheet guys at the moment. But if you think you can still contribute with these resources, please give your introduction in the document and we will contact you.

Please keep praying for the humanity because it is a tough time for everyone. May allah protect us from the tough times and help us contribute positively to the society. Designing ventilator without proper R&D infrastructure and lockdown is a tough task. Pray that we are able to achieve it as early as possible.

We do not believe in copyrights or patents as these things have obstructed open knowledge and growth and opensource is the way forward.Here is the main document open for everyone to benefit from: