Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 4

The following is NEEDED.

1. We are unable to get a “LIST OF COMPONENTS” for the ventilator prototype. Those who can source components, please source. The list of components is in the google sheet attached.

2. We need people who are EXCELLENT at mechanical Mathematical modeling and design. We need R&D EXPERTS.

3. We need people who are EXCELLENT in electronic hardware circuit designs. we need R&D Experts.

The following is DONE.

1. We have 4 prototype stations in Karachi. The first design is being built based on openLung project with 3D printing while 2 designs are indigenous and the 4th design is based on NXP. Three designs are ambu bag based and 1 design is pump based.

2. Our software Pseudo code version 4 is ready and the design specifications have been finalized.

Alhamdulilah, We have been able to pull off some critical parts of the design BUT we are still quite far from reaching a Finished design and a prototype.

I would REQUEST you to check the google sheet in DETAIL so that you can understand the efforts we are putting into it.

We need your prayers and your support. We need the most brilliant minds for this work.