Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 5

We have cracked major design issues and are now in a stage to get our first prototype ready. We call it “OpenVentPK design No. 1 (OVPD-1)”

This design is the basic version with three major functionalities i.e. Tidal volume, Breath per minute and PEEP.

After the first version of it is complete inshallah in approximately 2 days and clinical trials start, we will move on to the second version in which we will include more ventilator functionalities like FiO2, more alarms and controls.

We are working on 4 different compression mechanisms and an electronics and control strategy which can be scaled.

We still need the “List of components”. Those who can help in components, please contact Danish 0336-8107507.

Our google Excel sheet is a comprehensive document explaining the Doctors input, the block diagrams, the component list, the pseudo code etc. Please have a look at it and contribute in the introduction section.…/1PfxblJfeVo9WGIUSiz_yQkhYF2…/edit…

We have an exceptional team of people who met online and are creating real value not just for the country but inshallah for humanity as well. This is an Open Source design (BSD 3-Clause License) so everyone can benefit from it.