Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 6

We have been able to source the basic electronics components mostly and have completed our control design simulations.

We have been able to get alot of people on board with respect to compression mechanisms. So we have 4 compression mechanisms in place alhamdulilah. There is sohail sahab who has made one model and is also ready to combine with the opensource community to take things forward. Then we have Rabi Imran from Grit3d who is helping us 3D print one model, then we have Tayyab from Xplorer 3D helping furnish our designs, We have Jamal from Aceforge and a few others on the compression mechanisms that are attached.

We have an excellent Embedded hardware and Mechanical team who has have started implementing the Electronics design and inshallah will be able to test the design pretty soon inshallah. Our designs are all open at…/1PfxblJfeVo9WGIUSiz_yQkhYF2…/edit…

Our openventpk design version 1 (OVPD-1) is compliant with most of the requirements set by the government of Pakistan and UK. once we have the first design ready, inshallah, we will be going for a full fledged design without ambu bags as well.

If you know a very capable “Fluid mechanics Mehanical Engineer” Please tag him or tell him to contact our team.

HOWEVER, we are short on sensors. PRESSURE SENSOR, GAS FLOW SENSOR and OXYGEN SENSOR. We request anyone who can source these, we would be really grateful to them.

We will do this inshallah.!