Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 8

We have been able to solve a lot of problems in the last 3 days. The pressure sensors of military grade have been tested and have an error of 1%. This is because we want to make sure that this sensitive device is going to be very very serious life saving device.

We are STILL short on ONE CRITICAL sensor. i.e. Air flow sensor. The sensor that we are looking at can be one of the following:

1. Kavlico P1J (Digital I2C)
2. Flow Sensor SFM3200
3. CJMPTA 0-500PA, micro pressure transmitter, Shanghai, chujing electric co. Ltd
4. FS1015CL-100-ISO-O
S4001, flow sensor

These are all medical grade sensors and medical suppliers might have one of these with them. If you have anyone who can help contribute towards this sensor, Please connect with us.

We will be able develop the first functional prototype inshallah within this week if we can get the sensor.