Open Source ventilator Pakistan – Update # 9

OpenVentPk team has been able to gather 80% of the resources required for developing a functional ventilator with the support and help of all of you guys. The needed sensors have been procured.! Jazakallah khair for that. However, one major actuator is missing. (Point 2)

The following are under progress.

1. Finalizing the compression mechanism (We developed 4 of them).

2. We are also planning in parrallel to replace an ambu bag with a propotional solenoid valve (VSO® Max HP Miniature High Pressure High Flow Proportional Valve – Trying to source this component.) Let us know.

3. We are working on developing a mechanical mechanism for FiO2 control. Need to find talented Gas mixing experts. If you know anyone. Please connect.

4. We have developed a checklist based on the requirements of PEC and DRAP and will be soon testing our assembly based on the regulatory authorities.

5. Our Doctors team is developing a checklist for clinical trails so that we are on track as per the medical requirements.

6. We are developing an on boarding process for the manufacturers who will be able to manufacture this at large scale. Once our design is approved from the clinical phase, we will need to jump on to massive manufacturing.

Just to let you guys know that our team had full day technical discussions around each sensor, around each graph and around each single parameter that the doctors need. So we are really serious inshallah in getting this done with the right design and responsible thinking.

Keep us in your prayers.

Our formal progress is as follows:…/1q1Y8wFAl8ZjdQSutb41XzF-ou…/view…

Our live document with designs are updated at:…/1PfxblJfeVo9WGIUSiz_yQkhYF2…/edit…