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19April, 2020

Open Source ventilator Pakistan Update # 10

OpenVentPk team has ordered 100% of the parts now finally and inshallah they would be available in 10 days from china. So now we are focused on the assembling, calibration and documentation part.

12April, 2020

Open Source ventilator Pakistan Update # 9

OpenVentPk team has been able to gather 80% of the resources required for developing a functional ventilator with the support and help of all of you guys. The needed sensors have been procured.! Jazakallah khair for that. However, one major actuator is missing.

7April, 2020

Open Source ventilator Pakistan Update # 8

We have been able to solve a lot of problems in the last 3 days. The pressure sensors of military grade have been tested and have an error of 1%. This is because we want to make sure that this sensitive device is going to be very very serious life saving device.

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